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A unique competition, that will showcase the artistry of

film photography, in a time where digital media and the

use of Photoshop over saturate the industry with

photographers that spend too much time using the

computer to edit photos and correct exposure mistakes.

The contest guidelines are as follows, 12 photographers

will shoot at 270 Sherman over two days, six on each

day. Each photographer spends one hour alone in the

location using one roll of film, one camera, one lens,

one tripod and one light meter. All photographers will

shoot the same model. Once all the shots are complete

the film will be processed and the best shot from each photographer will be selected and enlarged to be

displayed at the competition event.

The competition culminates at the final event on March

28 at Spencer’s At The Waterfront where all of the work

displayed will appear anonymous and the photographers

will assemble and act as the judging panel to declare the

winning photo. At the conclusion of the voting and after

the winner is announced an auction will be held for each

photo with the money raised going to

Breast Cancer Support Services

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a unique photography contest &

fundraiser for Breast Cancer Support Services​

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